Amritsar New Year Packages 2025

Amritsar, a vibrant city in the state of Punjab, is a beautiful place to celebrate New Year 2025 with your loved ones. In proximity to Delhi, the location offers you a rich experience of culture which is what makes you feel like ringing here in the new year. If you are visiting here, make sure that you seek blessings at Golden Temple which is known to be a sacred one. A lot of people come here from different parts of the country come together. Starting your New Year 2025 from here would be a great start to the year and would bring a lot of positivity along. Apart from this, Amritsar is also known for its delectable Punjabi food, and celebrating New Year's Eve means eating a lot of scrumptious food. The city is also adorned with a lot of colorful lights and decorations that you can immerse yourself in. For the best moments, you can opt for New Year Packages 2025 with CYJ and make the most of your time with your loved ones. They will walk an extra mile with you and you can enjoy without breaking the bank.